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Buy 4-Emc Online, This chemical can be identified as an agent with both stimulant and entactogen properties, which makes it a promising target for scientists focused on these fields. The product is best known under its short name 4-EMC, which stands for 4-ethylmethcathinone, and it’s been available only for a short while. In terms of chemicals structure, the compound represents an isomer of 4-MEC, another recently discovered research agent from the substituted cathinones class, as well as to now restricted 4-MMC (mephedrone). Pharmacological profile of this substance is likely to be based on interaction with monoamine transmitters, similar to its relatives from the same chemical group. 

Full IUPAC name of 4-EMC is 1-(4-ethylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one, with a simple chemical formula that can be summarized as C12H17NO and a molecular mass totaling 191.27 g/mol. The substance has the appearance of a white crystalline solid that can be easily measured and handled. A typical sample ordered from our online store can be expected to be at least 97% pure, which should be more than enough to ensure high reliability of quantitative tests. Researchers are advised to apply extra caution when working with 4-EMC, as the compound has not been extensively tested and its full spectrum of biochemical activity is not properly understood.

It is important to note that 4-EMC is approved solely for laboratory use, as in vitro tests are strictly forbidden by our policies and possibly other regulations. Customers bear full responsibility to check local legal framework regarding research chemicals and to handle the materials according to lawful guidelines. Standard safety precautions and scientific procedures should always be observed.

4-EMC Experience

It has been shown in 4-EMC drug testing that the substance acts as a stimulant and empathogen. It can increase libido and the ability to focus and socialize. The effects profile of 4-EMC is more expansive and of longer duration than similar substances like mephedrone. There is also less risk of cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity after ingestion of 4-EMC. This substance can excite the nervous system and increase physiological function. Doses of more than 200 mg are dangerous to humans.

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